You’re going to love our best rowing machines under 500


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Are there quality cars you can buy for less than $500? The answer is definitely yes! We can now list at least thirty rowers in this price range, including well-known brands such as Stamina and Sun Health. Finding the best household air treatment equipment worth less than $500 requires a little research, and that is exactly what we have done in this article.

Best rowers up to 500 – our best selection

We offer you the best cars for $500 in three different types of resistance. This way you will see more variety before you make a choice.

Best rower under 500 years – our top 3 choices

Health and fitness through solar energy RW5508 Magnetic Rowing Machine

You'll love our best rowing cars up to 500.

RW5508 from Sunny Health & Fitness – competitively priced magnetic rowing machine. It offers great value in terms of quality and adjustable resistance.

Resistance – The RW5508 has a strong, fully adjustable magnetic resistance, suitable for both beginners and experienced rowers. Older models of magnetic rowing machines from Sunny Health & Fitness have only eight resistance levels. The modernized clamping system RW5508 significantly outperforms the 10 strength levels.

Note about magnetic resistance: The level of difficulty can be set with a rotary knob. This function consists of the fact that you can rotate the handle at a high level and work independently against a constant and complex resistance. That’s right, even if you row slowly. You’ll see how it differs from an air rudder, but we’ll soon find out.

Low side: It gives no real resistance at the helm. You also need to stop and adjust the resistance button every time you need to change the intensity of your sprints.


Solar Rowing Machine Digital Magnetic Rowing Machine

Instead of a monitor in previous models, Sunny Health & Fitness has updated its RW5508 LCD monitor. It is larger and records all important data such as time, separation time, stroke, PMS, distance, calorie consumption, heart rate and heart rhythm. It includes a wrist receiver that can be used with a compatible wireless chest strap to monitor heart rate and training time.

Durability of magnetic steering

Stirring options

The housing is made of steel and aluminium. He’s got a nylon nudge. It shows the solid construction that is typical for Sunny Health & Fitness simulators.

Air Capacity

The maximum user weight is 300 pounds. People older than 6’5 years can use it without any problems, but the critical dimension is the user’s inner stitching. If you have a seam below 38 inches, there should be no problem.

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Comfort and ease of rowing

Health in the sun Rowing weight

The steering wheel is slightly tilted. The handle is made of high quality rubber that is resistant to sweat and we found one of the best rowers we tested. The LCD screen can be tilted to the angle that best suits you. The soft seat is nicely dimensioned and shaped to be soft on the buttocks. The oversized pedals are suitable for large shoe sizes. The heels have thick straps and cups to prevent slipping. If you want a quiet indoor rowing machine, the RW5508 will be hard to win.

Health and fitness through solar energy RW5508 Magnetic Rowing Machine


Durability 35-1402 ATS airship

You'll love our best rowing cars up to 500.

We voted for the best endurance rudder 35-1402 ATS at 500 in this strength category. This is one of the improved models of Stamina’s ATS rowers. If you’ve worked with 35-1399 before, you’ll find 35-1402 essentially the same, but with some improvements.

PBXCell resistor

Stamina’s ATS series offers the best value for rowers under $500. Like all indoor rowing simulators with drag, the 35-1402 depends on your rowing motion to turn the wheel and create drag.

Air Resistance Note:The intensity of your impact or the work you do determines the level of resistance you get. Rudders have a system known as dynamic variable resistor. It mimics the true resistance of the rudder. That’s why the nozzles are ideal for full HIITtraining. They make it possible to run simple and intensive kits while driving. There is no need to pause or restart between levels or sets.

Important to know:Do not look for a resistance adjustment knob, because there is no resistance adjustment knob. No pneumatic rowing machine works with the resistance control button. Many users mistakenly accept the damping settings of some high-tech paddlebel belts to set the resistance. This assumption is incorrect. The valve regulates the air flow to the steering wheel, changing the feeling – not the intensity of the resistance.


The LCD monitor is an improved version of the 35-1399 monitor, although it is quite simple. It monitors PMS, beats, distance, speed, time, heart rate and calories. The display is larger and has three statistical windows instead of one in the older models.

ATS Air RowerDurability

This solidly constructed device is punishable. It has a stable steel frame and the guide rail is made of aluminium. The strap is made of high quality nylon, which is quieter than the chain tension.  Another reason why this oar on the 500-list was voted the best.

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Check the compatibility of this ATS truck with your weight, size and inner seam. The maximum user weight is 250 pounds. It supports users up to a height of 6’2 or with a seam measurement up to 34. You will notice that although it is 34 inches longer than average, it is still shorter than the RW5508.

User comfort

The soft seat is comfortable and spacious. The turning pedals are up. There are wide straps that hold the feet in place to improve your whole body growth experience. The downward slope of the rail can be too steep for some people. If you don’t have problems with your legs, that’s good, because it means extra work for you. But I warn you, this rudder could be a little noisy. You should take him where he doesn’t bother the others too much.

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Durability 35-1402 PABXAir Station


Kettler’s favourite hydraulic piston sampler

You're gonna love our best rowing cars up to 500.

Check out Amazon for the best deals for rowers. Kettler Favorit is available for $80 less than the original price. We rarely recommend hydraulically driven piston rudders because they are often of poor quality. Kettler rowers are an exception. We are convinced of the quality and excellent design.


Contrary to the two rowers we showed above, the Kettler Favorit is not equipped with a chain hoist or nylon strap. Instead, it has two rudder sleeves (oars) to which resistance mechanisms are attached. Without going into technical details, we assume that each hand is connected to a resistance mechanism. Inside are pistons and hydraulic fluid that create resistance. And this is where it gets really interesting. You can increase or decrease your resistance up to 50 levels of difficulty, depending on your rowing preferences!

Note about the hydraulic resistance of the piston:The resistance you get with this type of inner rudder does not simulate the real rowing of a boat. Kettler compensates for this with orbital arms that allow free movement during rowing. This boat mimics the real rowing sports used in recreational boating. Moreover, nothing could be better than a workout with 50 levels of difficulty to improve the workout of the whole body.

Low side:The resistance is initially difficult to adjust to the desired level. This is not as easy as turning the handle of the RW5508 or the 35-1402 resistor on request. You have to think and learn to correctly define Kettler’s preference for resistance. It’s just for starters, and it could take a while. However, it is difficult to ignore this wide band of available resistance. That alone should at least make learning interesting.

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The monitor is placed between the pedals and is difficult to miss when rowing. It tracks and simultaneously displays time, beats, PMS, distance per kilometre, energy in kilojoules and heart rate. With the included infrared sensor for your earlobe you can measure your heart rate or pulse rate.


As said, the Kettler Favorit has a solid construction, in contrast to the cheaper machines in this class. The robust steel frame is made of carbon steel. No squeaking during use. In fact, it’s one of the quietest inboard rudder units you can find.


The maximum payload is 285 pounds. With a long rail it is suitable for people with an inner seam of about 40 inches.

User comfort

The soft, preformed seat has a wide, thick padding. It glides smoothly over the steel rail. The plastic handles are comfortable and do not sweat. Just like the Stamina 35-1402, the Kettler Favorite footrests allow natural turning movements for a great rowing experience.

Kettler Favorit Hydraulic Piston Rudder Unit



We evaluated these top rollers up to 500 on the basis of their strength, tracking advantages, durability, performance and ease of use. We are sure that these are the best machines to 500 in their strength class. In this article we have excluded waterproof rowing simulators, especially because they are generally expensive.

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