WaterRower: Quality Fitness or Wood Toys?


A waterbrushing machine in shaft A waterbrushing machine makes large watch machines

Yeah, it’s a bit of a provocative title, but I heard someone call her model a wooden toy. It’s very difficult, because whether you want your fitness equipment to be stylish or functional, WaterRower can actually be both.

Probably the most amazing rowing machines. The WaterRower series is beautiful, mainly made of wood and has a lot of fanatical fans.

The company started its activities in 1988 and was the first to use water to create a resistance mechanism. This gives their models a characteristic impulse during construction – you can read about the types of resistance here. They have continued to add models to their range, supplying commercial and household machines and now use materials other than wood.

Ironically, using water as a resistance doesn’t really make you feel like you’re rowing on real water, but if you’re not rowing competitively, it doesn’t matter, because you’ll always be in good shape.

Another problem for some people with sealed machines is maintenance. The water in the closed chamber of the container remains green while the organisms grow – it literally stagnates. But when it comes to maintenance, this means that the water is put into the water purification system approximately every two months, and that is not a problem. WaterRower also recommends changing the water every 12 months – although this is not difficult.

In addition, WaterRower has an excellent reputation for high quality, durable rowers that will give you years of trouble-free rowing, not to mention the aesthetics of your home’s equipment.

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Our gutter inspection: –


Natural water source: Rating 8.5 stars

Waterbrower Natural with S4 monitor - see profile Well, you would, wouldn’t you? :0).

The Natural is a WaterRower bestseller, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s impossible to drive past this car without feeling the desire to sit and row in it – now you can’t ask for more than you can get.

PlusHigh quality finish, smooth operation, elegant, large screen
Against: Because some steps may be too close together.

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Men’s club: Note 9.0/10 9.0 Stars

Rowing Club On-Water Simulator Commercial model – built to completion

The Club is a kind of extended version of Natural to make it suitable for the commercial market. This means it has more hard-wearing parts that can withstand hours of training in the gym. But if you don’t train by car all day or if your whole family uses the car, we think it might be superfluous and the Natural will do its best.

Plus High quality, durable and durable machine.
Whereas : Footrest, as usual.

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GX Water pipe: Note 8.0/10 8.0 Stars

WaterRower GX Rowing machine WaterRower removable

One of the most beautiful WaterRower (less wood) and in our opinion probably strange. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a spectacular rowing boat, but not like the others. Once the advantage is achieved, the footrests are at a greater distance from each other, so that it may be more convenient for the user to have more parts available.

Plus Good promotion, lower price, wide base plates
Numbers: The monitor is not as good as the other models in the range.

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S1 Special edition

Hydrogen generator S1: Note 9.0/10 9.0 Stars

WaterRower S1 No average rower

When they say special, they mean it! This rowing machine, made with a stainless steel brush, is one of the most attractive rowing machines in the world, but also has an attractive price.

Plus Construction quality, durability, power rating
Disadvantages: The price of is far beyond the reach of most people.

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There, it’s done. The WaterRower is an excellent rower, instantly recognisable, which is not a bad performance on the market with more than one hundred competitors.



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