Sunny SF-RW5515 Review of the rowing machine

The first model of Sunny, which we already tried in 2014, was a very simple and cheap car that did not surprise us with its limitations. So when we opened the box of this magnetic oarsman of the same brand, our expectations were not very high.

But it’s a bit normal after we’ve given him one and kept it for a week. First of all, it is a magnetic machine, which is a big advantage over the traditional hydraulic models we see in this price range. If you don’t know what types of resistance are available and what the pros and cons of each category are, read here .

Regular visitors of this site are aware of our conflict with the names of the different brands used for their machines – see What’s in a name?But if you get a meaningless folder name SF-RW5515 (see if you can remember it in 5 minutes), it’s a good experience for something that costs about $250.

It’s a pretty good rowing position. We were definitely in the best places, but that’s enough for a reasonably priced oarsman, and a thin foam cushion makes it bearable if you really have to fight with it. The footrests should keep your feet in place when rowing – although we recommend diluting the Velcro regularly, as nothing spoils a good session more than a torn leg.

As mentioned above, it is a magnetic oarsman, which means that it uses magnets located above the flywheel to resist the pulling force exerted on the handles. One of the advantages of the magnetic model is that it is quieter than a pneumatic machine and quieter than a hydraulic machine. But if the mechanism is quiet enough, the seat squeaks a little on the beam because the rollers get a little stuck. This shouldn’t be a reason not to buy it yourself and can easily be disguised as music – especially if you’re using an iPod.

It has eight different levels of difficulty, which can be selected using the handle underneath the screen. More expensive rowers can do this automatically with pre-installed programs based on your working speed and heart rate, but with an economy model you will have to stop and change the setting yourself.

The difference between the highest and the lowest level is big enough to guarantee a good training offer – but keep in mind that it is a myth that the highest levels get the best results. Often, average resistance offers the best benefits for the cardiovascular system because you can row at a faster pace and keep your heart rate within the optimal range of the pulsation.

Display unit
For a budget machine it has a reasonable display and console. The LCD screen has a good size and is easy to read during training. It displays the basic data needed to track your progress, such as time series, number of beats and estimated calories burned per workout. However, it doesn’t show the distance, so you won’t be able to finish the time trial, which is a good way to see how you improve.It has a scan mode that allows you to switch to display mode every 6 seconds.

Abstract :
If you’re looking for a $300 ATM, this is exactly what you need. It will not win any prizes for its appearance and performance, but it will cost less than a third of the cost of the machines that do. We don’t think it can handle regular, long training sessions with multiple users, but you get your money’s worth, and for the average user it has to adapt to the task.

Nice try Sunny – let’s look a little more in this price range!

Solar energy SF-RW5515: Rating 5.0 stars

Feedback on similar rowers We love…

  • Easy to use display/monitor
  • With 8 resistance levels
  • Transport wheels are good for moving
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to fold after use
Photo We don’t like…

  • The quality of the construction is normal, but do not exaggerate.
  • Short warranty period (also on the frame).
  • Noisy beam sliding mechanism
  • The seat is quite stiff – you might need a pillow.
  • It’s boring and uninteresting.
Technical description of the steering equipment Technical specification :

Type of resistance :
Maximum customer specific weight :
Dimensions :
The weight of the car:
250 lb
82 x 19 (W) x 23 (H)
60 lb
Photo Warranty:
3 months Frame and parts


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Sunny health and fitness SF-RW5515 Side view rowing simulator

Health and fitness on solar energy SF-RW5515

Sunny Health and Fitness SF-RW5515 Location

Not bad for the price

Sunny Health and Fitness SF-RW5515 Class of handle strength

8 resistance levels

Display Solar Health SF-RW5515

Display and control

Foldable SF-RW5515 Health and Solar Condition

Foldable model for storage

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We assume you have a budget when you look at this model, so another magnetic model, Proform 440R or Marcy, may also be worth looking at. Both options are comparable in terms of price and performance. Or Sunny’s latest offer, Air/Magnetic RW5623 – worth a look.


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