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The right technique is needed to achieve benefits without risk of injury. Although rowing is a risky exercise, you may feel uncomfortable in your lower back or shoulders if your technique is not satisfactory.

Try the following steps to make sure you have a good technique, then look at the diagrams.

  • Keep your elbows close to your body.
  • Get yourself out of the hip joints.
  • Hold your pelvis and move back together.
  • Don’t pack.
  • Just lean back and forth a little.
  • Use your legs.
  • Let your movements express themselves

Now watch the slideshow and follow the instructions below.

1. The Catch
watch leans slightly forward with a relaxed straight back, arms and wrists straight, shins almost vertically – relax your legs.2.
Driving Press on your knees, lean back gradually and stop pulling with your hands (elbows back).

Finish with straight legs, upper arms bent behind the body, bend with the oar handle stretched towards the belly.

4. Restore
Stretch the arms, bend forward from the hips, relax the legs and bend the knees to glide forward.

5. Return to Staircase (1)
Prepare for the next impact by sliding forward until your shins are almost vertical.

Slideshow techniques – use a pause to interrupt the sequence.

Use of the rowing simulator

Watch this great video from the GB rowing team about using Ergos. It contains good advice on how to place the device in the best position to avoid injury.

Improvement of control techniques

Canadian Rowing Team on Banole You don’t have to shoot in your face if you work hard.

Look at the picture on the right. This is the Canadian team at the beginning of the 2009 World Championship in Banyoles, Spain. Take a good look at the faces of the crew from left to right and guess which one of them is rowing efficiently.

Sure. Given that this is the most explosive part of the race, it seems quite moderate and balanced.

Then why’d you bring it up here?

It’s a good example of how you don’t have to pull your face when rowing hard. But the serious thing I’m doing here is that the first three rowers don’t use their muscles as efficiently as they could.

When rowing at high speed, take care not to compress your jaws, raise your shoulders and stretch your lower back. This prevents your body from coordinating your muscles, which can lead to injuries. This also limits your productivity and the time you can spend on your machine. Take a look at the test I wrote in my blog post about how you can relax to maximize performance here – and see if you can’t get the most out of your workout.

If you follow the above steps, you will have a rowing technique that allows you to train regularly to get into a good physical condition. With a good technique you can also row harder and longer after improving your condition. When you start to feel pain and discomfort after a session, it usually depends on your position and actions in the car. Injury is a warning sign that should not be ignored and you should step back, slow down and re-evaluate your technique before stepping up your pace.

See also – normal rudder injuries.

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