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Endurance Products sells some of the world’s cheapest indoor sprinklers and other affordable fitness equipment. This international company was founded in 1987 and was one of the first to develop advertisements. The overnight sales contributed to the rapid success and in 1991 Stamina was one of the fastest growing companies in America. Do you remember the support of hip-hop master Susanne Somers? That’s perseverance.

In order to keep prices low, Stamina produces its rudders and other products mainly in Taiwan and China. U.S. customer service is located in Springfield, Missouri.


Endurance is characterized by more than a dozen domestic rowing machines. Customers can choose between three main types of resistors: magnetic, pneumatic and hydraulic. Prices range from $179 to $1,199.

Magnetic endurance rowers include the Conversion II bicycle rowers and the $999 Avari programmable magnetic rowers with 12 pre-defined workouts. The best stamen dryer is a nice stamen dryer, a smooth red and black oarsman that sells for $549. For the best of both worlds, Stamina also makes a $1199 magnetic air hybrid rower called DT Pro.

Most endurance rowing machines are hydraulic. Their collection of hydraulic rowers includes some of the smallest and cheapest rowers on the market. These machines are generally suitable for tall adults, even though the machine frames are very compact. Of the eight options we give Stamina BodyTrac the highest total score of $229.

Some of the Endurance products we have tested are unconventional rowers. Stamina’s most expensive model is the magnetic model Conversion II, which costs $1,199. He works not only as a rower, but also as a couch potato. At the other end of the price scale, some unique hydraulic models have free paddle arches instead of the traditional retractable handlebars.

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  • Resistance types: This brand offers three main types of rowing simulators: Air, magnetic and hydraulic simulators. Pneumatic combs are best suited for individual resistors, while magnetic combs with preset resistance values are particularly quiet. Hydraulic rowers are the smallest and cheapest.
  • Resistance ranges: Endurance has a rower for each load level. The best option for any level of durability is the Stamina X air purifier, a $549 USD air purifier that automatically adapts to the user’s load. Some of the cheaper hydraulic rowers of this brand also offer an amazing range of performance.
  • Reaching all heights: Despite the fact that many endurance rowers are compact, they usually have long beams to accommodate tall students.
  • Strong frame: Many Stamina frames are made of steel and have aluminium supports.
  • Compact size:  Hydraulic endurance racers can carry weights of 250 pounds or more, but can also be built compact for storage. The 1201 is a very small orbiter with a weight of only 35 pounds.
  • Battery: Durability monitoring equipment usually uses batteries instead of AC power, so the machines can be installed anywhere.
  • Price: With just $179, Stamina’s rowers are among the most affordable in the industry.



  • Few exemptions: Most endurance rowers do not have a pre-programmed training. They also lack accurate pulse receptors, which some drivers consider to be an important feature.
  • Cheaper parts: These rowers sometimes use plastic, while other brands use metal parts. For example, Stamina rudder chairs are sometimes fitted with nylon caps instead of metal caps. They wear out quickly and make it harder to slide. The company also prefers easily sandable cords over metal chains.
  • Short-term guarantee : Sustainability sprayers have some of the shortest warranties in the industry. For example, the warranty on the BodyTrac Glider’s replacement parts is only 90 days. Since the lifespan of products for endurance training varies considerably, it is advisable to read the notes on each product before purchasing it.
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Our conclusion:

Stamina Products offers a wide range of rowing equipment for home use at low prices. They generally have short-term guarantees, but some receive enthusiastic feedback from customers. Especially for this brand it is interesting to read the reviews of the different products. All these rowers are designed for different kinds of customers and deserve different expectations. These rowers generally work best when repairing fast, almost disposable machines. They won’t be built for long.



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