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Kettler is a German company founded in 1949. Kettler USA has been working for North America since the 1980s. This international brand produces not only domestic rowing machines and other indoor fitness equipment, but also racing bicycles, table tennis tables, garden furniture and other leisure articles.

This brand has five rowers working with magnetic or hydraulic resistance. All magnetic rudders are equipped with special attachments that make it possible to use them as mini gymnasiums and to perfect them. The prices announced by Kettler include delivery.


Kettler produces three magnetic rowing machines and two hydraulic rowing machines. All for domestic use. The quality varies from average to above average. Magnetic rowers linked to reliable computer screens from SIEMENS. All machines have a three-year warranty.

  • Trainer E is Kettler’s best rower. This silent $1,399 magnetic rowing machine is one of the best of its kind. It has a steel frame, a wide range of resistors with electronic controls and 12 pre-programmed programs. This model is characterized by extra practice possibilities. Coach Kettler E comes with two nozzles that support 16 different exercises.
  • The Kettler M. Grebets trainer is very similar to the E. Sitting in the room, the M. Grebets trainer has a manual magnetic resistance control instead of an electronic voltage control. Just like Coach E, Coach M has two easy to attach plates that allow you to do 16 extra exercises.
  • Kettler’s most affordable magnetic rower is called Stroker Rower and Multi-Trainer. Most suitable for beginners and advanced athletes. The Stroker Rower has eight resistance levels with manual operation. It has a fastening plate that makes it possible to do 10 exercises outside of rowing.
  • Kettler’s most expensive hydraulic rower is called Kadett. This device has a three-year warranty, but it has durability problems. It is therefore the least recommended oar of this brand.
  • Kettler’s simplest rower is called Favorite. The Favorit folds down and offers impressive hydraulic resistance at 50 levels. He weighs only 44 pounds, and the user weighs 285 pounds. It is one of the best hydraulic rowers of all brands. It sells for an impressive $399.
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  • Screen: Kettler’s magnetic (but not hydraulic) rudder helps you train using high quality SIEMENS computer monitors. These monitors have pre-installed programs and display accurate wireless heart rate data.
  • Heart rate characteristics: Heart rate controlled training is supported by the magnetic rowers Coach E and Coach M. These cheaper machines and boilers also have a cardio recovery function that measures changes in heart rate after training and gives scores from 1 to 6.
  • Wide resistance range: Kettler rowers can handle a wide range of capacities. The magnetic rowing machine Coach E alone offers a resistance range from 25 to 500 W. Even the cheapest Kettler rower, the Favorit, has 50 hydraulic resistance levels.
  • Bonus exercises : A special advantage of Kettler’s three magnetic rowing machines are the easy-to-assemble rowing discs, which allow up to 16 additional exercises. This allows the rowing simulators to serve as a minigym.
  • Comfortable design: Kettler’s rowers are feeling good. They are equipped with swivel footrests, soft seats and soft slides.
  • Shop accessories: These rowers can be stored vertically or folded up to save space.
  • Warranty: Kettler’s warranties are very competitive and offer a three-year parts warranty on even the cheapest devices.



Not really:

  • Costs: Some Kettler products are slightly more expensive. Moreover, the maintenance of their hydraulic rowers can be expensive because the pistons are quite expensive to replace.
  • Some of which are associated with: Some Kettler rowers use batteries to power the console computer, while others need an electrical outlet.



Kettler’s collection of rowing simulators is diverse enough to satisfy a wide range of customers. The machines are under strict warranty and Kettler USA customer service is always available. It is the main brand to consider for high quality magnetic and hydraulic rowers. Only the term cadet should be avoided. The other machines in this series will easily be among the best in their price range.

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