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Avari Fitness is a division of Stamina Products, an international company that made a name for itself in the 1980s with advertisements for fitness products. The endurance fitness equipment is produced abroad and at prices for economic customers. The Avari Fitness collection includes rowers, treadmills, elliptical machines and much more. The quality of this brand is variable, so it is advisable to read honest reviews before making a purchase.


Avari Fitness has four indoor paddlers for domestic use. Two magnetic and two hydraulic cylinders for resistance. Prices range from $249 to $999.

Avari magnetic stirrers include the Avari Programmable Magnetic Rudder for $999 and the Avari Bike Crawler Conversion II for $899. Both machines work well, according to the comments of most customers.

  • The Avari programmable magnetic rowing machine is a standard magnetic rowing machine. Highlights include 12 pre-programmed workouts and a wireless heart rate monitor. Resistance controls are useful; drivers can adjust levels 1 to 8 using buttons on the console or steering wheel.
  • The Avari Conversion II rowing bike is a hybrid fitness machine. It works both as a recumbent and as a rowing machine. This device is compact, although it consists of two machines in one. It is smaller and cheaper than a very similar model of the Stamina Conversion II rail bike.

With a retail price of $229 and $249, Avari Fitness hydraulic rowers are among the cheapest of all brands. This is an advantage not only when there is a lack of money, but also when training places are limited. Avari hydraulic rowers take up less space than all the others. They have a shorter lifespan than the magnetic rowing machine described above.

  • The Avari Easy Glide Rower, worth $229, is a traditional hydraulic rowing machine. It has a movable chair and a folding steering wheel. The user can choose from 12 resistance levels, which have been described by customers as stronger than what is expected from a cheap rower. This model offers effective training, but is not designed to last.
  • The unique $249 Free Motion Rower is equipped with paddle sticks instead of a rowing boat. This allows the upper body to have a full range of motion. This rower is most suitable for young students; unlike some other Avari rowers it is not suitable for people with long legs. It also seems less durable than the Easy Glide Rower.
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  • Resistance types: Avari produces oarsmen with magnetic and hydraulic resistance. Both types of rudders are associated with silent operation, in contrast to the more expensive air and water rudders.
  • Resistance ranges: Avari has a rower for each level. Magnetic rowers have a good range of preset resistors, and hydraulic rowers are surprisingly powerful at the upper levels.
  • Programming: The training programs are included in the Avari Programmable Magnetic Raider program. The other rowers of this brand do not have pre-installed programs, but follow the session data.
  • Reaching all heights: Despite the compact size of the Avari rowers, most are designed for people with longer seams.
  • Strong frame: The rudders of the Avari are made of steel and aluminium. Buyers have noticed that the frames can support more than the advertised 250 pounds.
  • Compact size: The hydraulic rowers of Avari are very small. The Easy Glide Rower hydromassage column measures 53 D x 23 W and can be stored on its side. Conversion II, which is both a bicycle and a rowing machine, takes up about 2 x 3 feet of space when folded up.
  • Battery: Avari computer monitors use batteries or user-generated power instead of alternating current. This gives the owners a good flexibility in the use of the machines.
  • Price: For just $229 the Avari rowers are among the most affordable.



Not really:

  • Programming: Most Avari rowers do not have a pre-installed training program. (The only exception is their programmable magnetic lawnmower.) Hydraulic rowers do not control the pulse.
  • Cheaper parts: These rowers are made of perfect components. Nylon cables in roller systems, for example, can tear and break, and monitors are not illuminated. Our reviews of rudder simulators mention specific issues raised by the owners.
  • Short-term guarantee : Avari rowers benefit from some of the shortest guarantees in the industry. Parts are only guaranteed for 90 days, even for the $999 programmable magnetic parts.
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Our report

Avari Fitness offers a good selection of rowing machines for home use at low and moderate prices. They have short-term guarantees, but magnetic rowers usually work for a long period of time. Hydraulic rowers have a shorter lifespan, but can still deliver good performance. Avari Fitness is the best option for the available fitness equipment.



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