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Pro forma rowers have evolved over the years since their introduction in the late seventies. It quickly became one of the leading sellers of indoor training equipment, from a simple manufacturer of coaches. All this thanks to the excellent quality of the products, affordable prices and a growing list of regular customers. They produce machines designed for maximum results.

#1: Mower Model 440R

ProformRow driveThe articulated foot pedal of the Proform 440R is designed to provide the best friction for a good workout. This rotating pedal comes with an adjustable foot strap that keeps your feet firmly in place. It doesn’t matter what you wear, it doesn’t matter what the soles of your shoes look like. Your legs fit well on this Proform rowing machine.

Designed for comfort

These pedals are designed so that you can easily find your base if you walk on them during training. The foot straps are adjustable and fit all foot sizes, so that every user can enjoy the same comfort on these pedals. The ProForm 440R also has an ergonomic handle with a soft-touch surface – just what you need for a safe and healthy workout. You don’t want your palms to be pinched by movement; this could be a big failure. Proform has adjusted the handle of this rowing machine accordingly, so you won’t miss a day because of the pain in your hands.

ProForm rowers offer oversized aluminium frames

This machine is equipped with an oversized aluminum seat rail that is not only strong but also comfortable. With such a metal frame you can be sure that the machine has a long service life. The seat is adjustable so you can find the best place to sit. It is also shaped according to ergonomic aspects. Ergonomic sitting is essential for a successful workout, as it offers many health benefits. This is the most reliable way to get rid of a back pain that can make you bump when it gets serious. You are also protected against shoulder and neck pain, which can hamper the effectiveness of your workout.

You will enjoy the comfort of the chair

You may not know it, but an ergonomic chair plays a very important role in promoting your education. This makes you feel at ease and allows you to train longer without losing motivation. Longer or longer training periods allow you to achieve maximum results. An amazing feature you won’t find on many rudders in the interior is the low pulley station. You can start with normal cardiovascular exercises and then use the pulley for strength training. It’s as simple as this: Just stand on the support feet mounted on the head of the Proform 440R. You can now do bicep curls, corpse lifts, tricep lifts and deltoid lifts, whatever you want for your session. What’s more, you can do anything you would do at the gym on a normal day.

Easy transport – Quality design to save space

Transport rollers are included for ease of transport. Whether you want to store it in another room or just move it to another training area, just use the wheels and it will be windy. The steering wheel of this rowing machine has an increased inertia for a smooth and stable pedal movement. The quality of the kicks is one of the most important factors that make rowing a pleasurable process. Roughness can be this twist. The design of the SpaceSaver makes it possible to fold and store the machine in one simple step. It is therefore ideal for those who have a small interior and want to make optimal use of the small free space. Thanks to this design, you can fold the machine every day for storage without getting tired from routine work. The car’s light. The aluminium strip is ideal for this. Despite its size, it is light and easy to handle. It can carry up to the recommended maximum weight of 250 pounds, which virtually anyone can carry. Few people weigh more. These are special cases, and chances are you’re not one of them.

Up to 8 resistance levels

It has a computer with a large, easy-to-read LCD screen. You don’t have to come close to see what’s displayed. The content of the screen is large and clear, and you can see perfectly from the location. In scan mode, each recording is displayed for about six seconds and the next recording is displayed. And these datasets are programmed to automatically switch from one to the other without data entry. This means that you will receive extensive feedback on your training, directly from your head office. With up to 8 resistance levels, the ProForm 440R rower is a tool to facilitate progressive training. As soon as a certain level no longer suits you, you can move on to the next level. In general, everyone can adjust the resistance level to the most appropriate level and enjoy a full body workout.

ProForm 440RRowing Machine Final Words

With up to 8 resistance levels on the ProForm 440R rower you can start with a lightweight rower and gradually move up to a higher resistance level over time or even during the same session with 8 resistance levels. If you are looking for a car that allows full bodywork, the 440R is your best choice. It is a dual-action device with integrated cardio and weight training functions. This means you can combine your cardiovascular and strength training in one complete workout for great results. Simply use a low roller rowing machine for your cardio machine and switch to a low roller station for strength training when you’re done. This feature makes the ProForm Cleaner 440R a device that takes you to new heights in fitness.

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440R ProForm Rower has an LCD screen for easy reading

The 440R is a dynamic machine, a factor that makes it a favourite with many indoor training enthusiasts. It has a large LCD screen designed for easy reading. You get information about your training at a glance, unlike most indoor displays on the rowing market, which you have to work hard to read. With such ease, you can easily develop a tendency to follow the progress of your training. And that can be a good motivating factor. You can keep track of the number of beats per minute, the total number of beats per minute, the distance covered, the time and calories burned. These pictures are displayed alternately on the screen, one picture at a time, each for about 6 seconds. And you don’t have to move your finger, everything happens automatically. All you have to do is look and read.

Rugged and sturdy construction that can be used by the whole family

The ergonomic seat is an important addition to this machine. This is a guarantee that you will enjoy the training. Who doesn’t like comfort? What about the fact that you can afford all this at your study place? Given the robustness of the aluminium seat rail, there is no reason to fear that it may break at any time. It just means you can use it with a calm mind. These robust products require little maintenance and will save you money in the long run compared to what you would pay for an annual gymnastics membership. You can also turn the 440R ProForm into a family rower without having to worry about heavier family members breaking it. Another feature that makes this rowing a family asset is the adjustable leg strap that accompanies the rotating pedals of the bike. Whether your legs are small or large, you can easily place your foot straps where they best fit around your legs for a comfortable workout.

Adjustable handwheel for smooth operation

The inner rudder of the ProForm 440 R is designed for smooth rowing with an adjustable steering wheel. It is ideal for novice coaches who need such a soft rower to motivate them. Whether you’re sitting comfortably on a large guide rail or directly over the front of the rowing machine for strength training, you put your hands on the soft, ergonomic handlebar. You can go from biceps to shoulders, triceps to quads; whatever you choose, you can be sure to enjoy it. When the training is finished, storing this 440R is quite easy. Moreover, you can easily move it on the training field or from room to room with the included wheels. As far as the machine is concerned, the 440R Tower outperforms most other rowing machines in its price range. It has a decent design and comes with spare parts and a functional guarantee to support the sturdy frame.

440R is easy to assemble

You don’t have to say it’s a solid piece of car, you’ll notice. A few months ahead of you, and you still feel like new. And if you have a small house, you might consider going to that car. The compact design certainly allows you to take advantage of the limited space available. As soon as you open the box, you enter a lot of data. But as soon as you approve the meeting, you’ll know how it goes. You will complete the process in a few minutes. The fact is that it’s not as scary as it sounds when you look at the many details in the box. The resistance in this car is easy enough for an experienced rower. But it’s perfect for basic training. Over time, you may want to consider putting it into maximum resistance to get the best challenge for the best results.


MowerModel 440R


  • Comfort and control

Rowing machine ProForm 440R

Rowing machine ProForm 440R

  • Complex double-acting power drive
  • Large turning pedals with adjustable nylon foot straps
  • Compact design

#2: Profile 550R Rudder
Profile Home Rudder

The 550R is equipped with a large LCD screen that allows you to read your training feedback at a glance. The numbers during the workout, the number of calories, the distance covered, the number of strokes per minute and the total number of strokes are displayed one after the other. By reading these figures, you can monitor your performance during your studies and know where you stand. The machine is also equipped with an ergonomic handle with soft touch for a more efficient workout. This handle is designed to protect your palms from the tasks that have to be performed during the exercises. Sick palms can be a major failure in exercises such as rowing, which are highly dependent on hand use.

Thick and comfortable chair

There is also a raised flywheel, which ensures a smooth rowing feeling. The steering wheel ensures a natural rowing feeling and is as close as possible to the natural rowing in the water. In general, manufacturers of indoor rowing simulators try to make the indoor rowing simulator feel like rowing in a body of water. So they use different technologies to make this possible. Different technologies are used to generate the kind of resistance needed, including water, air or magnetic force. This machine is also equipped with an oversized steel seat guide to support the ergonomic seat. The rowing seat cushions of ProForm 550R are thick and very comfortable. This chair is not only comfortable, but also pleasant to use. So you can enjoy rowing and feel the desire to row more and more without losing your momentum. Thanks to this motivation, you can train more in a short time and increase your income.

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The550R offers rotary pedals with adjustablestraps.

Just like its cousin, the ProForm 440R rower, the 550R has huge turning pedals with adjustable straps for all leg sizes. The huge rotating pedals have a rough, textured surface that creates enough friction to prevent your feet from slipping during training. The transport wheels of this rowing machine are set in motion for easy movement. If you don’t train once, you don’t have to strain yourself again, you can simply move the oar with the wheels to the desired location. If you want to train elsewhere, the same goes for the bikes, let them do the work for you. The Proform 550R rower weighs up to 250 pounds. This means that every member of your family can use the oar without risk of damage. Only a few people can exceed this weight limit. Surprisingly, as this is a family gym, you can save on the cost of merging the gym.

Foldable for easy storage

It’s also foldable. To save it, all you have to do is put it together in one step and it’s ready to use. It features a distinctive SpaceSaver design that frees up valuable space in seconds. This feature makes the 550R the ideal choice for people with smaller houses or rooms. The robust frame of the ProForm 550R comes with a 5-year warranty and an additional 90 days for parts and labour. It’s extra security: If something goes wrong, don’t risk losing your money by accident.

Heart and strength training in one go!

The ProForm 550R Rower has both rowing and weight training. It has a station with a low front pulley. It just means that the 550R rower combines the two main reasons to go to the gym: Cardiovascular training with strength exercises in one device. That makes a rowing machine very dynamic. It suits those who want to increase their power, but also those who are simply interested in strengthening their hearts. This versatile and dynamic rowing machine simply saves you the purchase of additional equipment for indoor training. And it also means that the machine helps you keep money in your pocket while you stay fit. There are mounting tools that come with a rowing machine. Unlike other machines that let you walk to your neighbours looking for the right screwdriver, the Proform 550R comes with everything you need for the assembly process. And the procedure is simple, which satisfies many customers. Some people finish the process in a few minutes. However, for most people an hour is hardly enough and everything is taken care of.

Final review on form 550R

Anyone who seriously wants to get in shape should pay attention to the helm of ProForm 550R. This is the perfect equipment for a complete body workout. Thanks to the silent station, you can gain strength and strengthen your heart with a rowing machine. Most users appreciate the fact that they don’t have to go to the gym for extra money to build muscle after spending money on rowing. It is universal and doubles the two aspects of physical fitness: Power and cardio. You will enjoy the way the ProForm 550R rower increases your heart rate and gradually melts some of the stubborn fat in your stomach. Although the seat is slightly stiff, the tensioned padding makes it perfect for training. It’s very comfortable and it will make you learn to have fun. This is a great investment because it allows you to say goodbye to your monthly health club or gym membership fees.

The shape of this rowing machine is designed to cover different parts of the body

This device is a great tool for those who want to lose extra pounds. Because of its complexity, it focuses on different parts of the body, from bicep curls to land lifts, from delta lifts to higher tricep racks, not to mention rowing, which is the most important training. In this way your hands, knees, shoulders, back and abdomen are carefully trained and muscled. These complete workouts also tend to improve your general well-being and are likely to give you a sense of happiness along with the well-being you feel after each workout. Your energy level also increases and remains the same.

Cheap house Grelka

It’s not expensive. It’s an amazing thing, considering the value it brings. Usually people complain about the resistance of this rowing machine. It has 5 levels of resistance, and like an air rudder, it is quite slow. For a good training, the rower is mainly dependent on the air resistance, which means that a more experienced person may find it less challenging. But here’s the secret, speed is everything when it comes to rowing in the air. Try to speed up the typing process and see if you feel the same afterwards. The most important thing is that you understand how the rower works, that you can use it correctly and get the best out of it. These oarsmen work by turning the fan wheel when pulling the lever. By turning the steering wheel, it sucks in air into its housing, creating resistance.

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This means that the faster you turn the steering wheel, the more air is sucked into the steering wheel housing. And the more resistance we create. Many people make the mistake of treating the 550R like other rowers who use other methods of resistance, such as magnetic force, and therefore do not generate enough resistance. Basically, you have to row faster to create more resistance. Rudders that use air for rudder resistance automatically adjust the resistance level based on the rudder speed. Simply put: Make sure you row faster to feel more resistance and vice versa. However, if you want something different, you should consider other rowers with magnetic or hydraulic pistons as a means of resistance. This allows you to turn the handle to set the resistance level higher or lower. But before you make that decision, you should know that the ProForm 550R rower offers a smooth, quiet resistance that mimics the feeling of rowing on the water. That’s what most people like, and maybe you like it, too.

Large LCD display for training follow-up

Sounds good. You won’t have any trouble noticing that this is a reliable car. And given ProForm’s good reputation in the industry, there is no reason for you to be modest. This device is not perfect, but whatever your fitness level, you can be sure that it will give you a quality workout. Thanks to the huge LCD screen, you can follow the reactions during your workout without moving an inch. It informs you about performance, calories and time spent. The display is simple, which means it’s easy for anyone to read. The main advantage of the ProForm 550R is the new and improved flywheel technology. This is a rare feature found only among market leaders, such as the 2concept. This unique damping setting can be operated with a lever on top of the flywheel housing. Just push the lever up or down to regulate the amount of air entering the flywheel housing. If you’re considering buying an entry level rowing machine for your whole family and you’re wondering what kind of car it will build, this 550R is a great place to take a look.


MowerModel 550R


  • Comfort and control

ProForm 550R

ProForm 550R

  • Large LCD window, ergonomic handle with soft-touch screen, flywheel with flywheel booster
  • Quiet Smr magnet resistance, large steel seat profile, ergonomic seats
  • Swivel pedals with adjustable straps
  • Transport wheels, SpaceSaver design
  • The ProForm 550R is protected by a 5-year frame and a 90-day parts and labour warranty. The 550R can carry up to 250 pounds.

About model

The name Proform is more often associated with a series of treadmills, Proform treadmills and less often with inner rudders. More experienced rowers might know this surname. However, newcomers in this field may be less familiar with it. The fact is that the equipment manufacturer Proform focuses on cardio training at home. Therefore, their offer of rowing machines is relatively cheap compared to the high-end commercial types. It can even be said that price is one of the strongest selling arguments for Proform. The manufacturer has been in the industry for more than 30 years and durability and experience always go hand in hand.

Other product categories under the Proform brand are bicycle simulators, elliptical simulators and even hybrid simulators. Specifically, they make products based on your cardio training, all in the comfort of your home. Proform competes seriously with some of the leaders in the indoor harvesting market, such as Concept 2. However, if you understand why their fans are becoming more and more loyal, even though the brand receives less than positive reviews from some critics. In this review we try to present the facts as they appear on the Proform rowing system, so that you can make well-considered purchasing decisions.




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