Review of Proform 550R Rowing Machine

Over the past ten years ProForm has built up a fairly good reputation in the low and mid-range segment of home fitness equipment. We tried his first rowing machine about a year ago and are quite impressed with the quality of construction for the economy mode – see the overview of the Proform 440R.

That’s why we wanted to see what you get with the 550R for just under half the price of the 440R. Our first impression was good. It looks like a piece, has a bit of style, feels good and strong and has a much better grip than the 440R.

After a few hours of using this word, the word worker comes to mind. Above all, it seems that the work provides good training, the quality of the construction is respectful of the high end of the budget simulator, the rowing position will be for everyone except the largest (or heaviest) users and for a price we can’t complain about. But, uh… In the end, it’s just a little boring. We are happy to admit that lately we may have been spoiled by some of the better models we use, but with the growing consumer expectations for home fitness equipment, even business models will have to step up their game.

But let’s get back to the details. The ProForm 550R is fairly easy to install if you have experience with flat furniture. If you don’t, we suggest you get someone to help you.

The chair is sufficient if you don’t have any extra weight, but for most models under $700 it’s the same. But the more you lose weight and the more you lose, the less problems you have :0).

The handle is well constructed and, important for the 440R, it should prevent the curse of rowers, terrible blisters on the hands. The footrests keep your feet firmly in place so you don’t have to stop and move the straps – which really hurts when you try to sweat.

The resistance mechanism is air, which means it is noisy at high cruising speeds/resistance levels. Remember this if you need to share your home or live in an apartment where noise can be a problem.

It is a foldable model that is easy to move thanks to its handle and wheels. It can be folded into a small space and thanks to the foldable beam it does not need two meters of height for storage.

The large LCD screen is easy to use during training. You can track your performance using normal data such as time, distance, kicks per minute and calories burned, although this is only an estimate close enough to give you an idea of how difficult your workout is. In the past, we loved the ability to set a goal, such as how many calories you want to burn or how far you want to travel, and then track your progress towards that goal.You’ll find excellent monitors on cars in the same price range, but that’s enough.

Robust model with a reasonable rowing position. This will undoubtedly help you get in shape and prepare for work for most users. But I have to say we didn’t enjoy it at all. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced car, it will work.

But if you need something that makes you want to train day after day, you should think about spending a few hundred dollars more to get a car that has everything you need to drive. We think the ProForm 440R is a much better option.

Updated February 2016: We heard from a user who had problems with the seat rollers after two months of use. They were replaced, but it took two weeks to deliver the parts.

Model 550R: Rating 4.5 stars


Feedback on similar rowers We love…

  • Easy to read and user-friendly display
  • On-screen scan mode
  • Pretty solid for a budget model.
  • The ability to set training objectives
  • Good rowing position – also for older users up to 6′ 3
  • Folded on a small surface
  • The chair is acceptable.
  • Good framing guarantee (but see below).
Photo We don’t like…

  • poor workmanship
  • Enhanced monitors available on similar priced machines
  • The cooling fan is disappointing.
  • It’s a little boring to be completely honest here.
  • The chair is probably uncomfortable for a tall user.
  • Short term warranty on parts (90 days only).
Technical description of the steering equipment Technical specification :

Type of resistance :
Maximum customer specific weight :
Dimensions :
The weight of the car:
250 Lbs
84.5 D x 22 W x 25.5 H
103 Lbs
Photo Warranty:
5 years on frames
90 days each
90 working days

Side view of the Proform 550R rowing machine

Rowing machine Proform 550R

Space on ProForm 550R Rowing Simulator

It doesn’t fit well, but okay.

Display on the ProForm 550R rower

Basic, but enough.

Rowing machine ProForm 550R when folded up

The 550R folds neatly



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