Review of LifeCore R100 Rowing Machine

The R100 is a serious rower and an excellent candidate for the increasingly popular Concept2 Model E crown. What do you get for the price? Lots and lots!

The first impression you get when you’re in an R100 is that it’s a reliable car. The aluminium frame and sturdy steel supports give the stone its strength, and Lifecore says it can carry up to 600 pounds! We don’t think it’s a difficult game and as far as we know, no other rower will make a solid bet. Even after 30 minutes, the chair remains very comfortable and glides smoothly and quietly over the track.

The resistance zone (with air and magnets for different experiences) will be large enough for everyone – you can row quickly and freely or raise the level and really train your muscles with short, heavy breaks. The magnetic resistance mechanism also means that the rower can adjust his heart rate without interruption, even manually – see heart rate programs. It really means you benefit from best practices – even if you only have 10 minutes to practice. Many types of fitness equipment now offer cardio practice programs and science makes sense. If you can keep your heart rate at a certain percentage of your maximum heart rate (MHR), a short workout is cheaper than a longer, slower workout.

The ergonomics of this machine is excellent and suitable for all sizes. Our reviewers, who ranged in number from 60 to 76, found the package practical and pleasant to use. The corner legs also help you to find the best and most effective bending technique without tiring your lower back.

In our opinion the Lifecore console/display is superior to the Concept2 PM5. It is larger, easier to read and has some excellent pre-installed programs. Although it does not have online features such as Concept2, our preferred heart rate programs (as mentioned above) will change resistance or increase your target heart rate to keep your heart rate at an optimal level for weight loss or improving your fitness. The most important factor to get the most out of your rower is motivation; if you don’t use it, you’re not an opponent!

The only thing that makes you want to come back The program variations on the R100 do exactly that. It also records your past activities so you can track your progress and measure yourself – it stores data for up to four people.

Yes, of course you have to pay a lot for a rowing machine – but given that such a machine, with all its features, will keep you in good condition for years, it is a good return on investment. When other family members are rowing, it’s a great buy. Some rowers resemble the Concept2, but most of us think the R100 is very suitable, and some of us have reached the top.

R100 Main service life: Rating 9.0 stars


View of similar trains We love…

  • Four heart rate monitoring programs (see above)
  • Large selection of pre-installed programs (15 in total)
  • Robust construction (can carry up to 600 pounds!).
  • Large LCD display (see right)
  • A wide range of resistance levels will challenge any rower.
  • Soft / very soft rowing motion (magnetic resistance)
  • Convenient folding mechanism for storage
  • Wide choice of pre-installed programs (can also store up to 4 user trainings).
Photo We don’t like…

  • but then you’ll have the value of your money for years to come!
  • But to find something else we don’t like about this rower.
Technical description of the control system Technical specification :

Type of resistance :
Maximum specific gravity of the customer :
Dimensions :
The weight of the car:
A place for a camp:
Air / Magnetic
600 lb
92 x 19 x 36
96 lb
52 x 19 x 67
Photo The warranty:
Living on a frame.
5 years on spare parts
1 year in service.


Lifecore R100 Rowing machine

Lifecore R100 Rowing machine

Space on the LifeCore R100 rower

A good place

Lifecore R100 Display / Console

Lifecore R100 Display / Console

The heart of the R100's life is complicated.

The heart of the R100’s life is complicated.


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The R100 is a serious candidate for the Krone Concept2 electric bestseller. If you have a few hundred dollars in stock, take a look at the Bodycraft VR500 with its wide range of programs and some innovative features.

Owners’ notes

I highly recommend the R100. The combination of air and magnetic field resistance guarantees excellent training. The fan makes some noise sometimes, but it’s my only means of communication. When I decide to take a computer course, I stay interesting and can focus on more things, and all KPIs really motivate me to improve. Big paddle! John K. (owner for 5 months)

R100 is more than I expected and I’m good for it. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to row 5,000 meters in 30 minutes or not, but that’s my current goal. I took the opportunity to create my own program with many different stability parameters in my user profile. I think it would be nice if I had more than one user program. My wife got in the car and she’s already stuck, she loves him more than her treadmill.  Skip Davis, Dan Diego (owner for one month)

Update by skipping after 7 months: October 2015: Apart from two small HRM problems (possible WiFi interference) and dust in the wheels of the chair, this unit was absolutely faultless. I want to finish rowing practice. I expect this car to last a few years.

This car glides beautifully. I’ve tried a lot of rowing machines and this is the best I’ve ever sat on. The only small drawback is that the screen can sometimes fall down during a difficult session. But that doesn’t stop him from being a great oarsman. Jackie (6 months and older)

If you can only afford one fitness simulator for your home – buy one! It’s ideal for a complete physical workout, and the training data shows exactly how you did it. I like it! William Jackson (more than 12 months)


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