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Our objective feedback on home rowing equipment will help you find the model that best fits your needs and budget. There is a wide selection of rowers, and the choice may seem a little confusing to you – it is, of course, and I’ve been looking at the rowing market for over eight years.

Well, first of all… Don’t panic! As they say: Stay calm and keep going.

The model you choose depends on a number of factors. It is clear how much you are willing to spend, and then pursue your goals, the amount of free space in your home, the kind of space you will use. And finally, how often and how long you will practice.

I took all these elements into account when testing and writing these reviews, hoping to make the process of choosing and buying a rower easier and maybe even more fun. And as soon as you receive your rower, I’ll give you tips and training examples so you can get the most out of it.

I hope you find this site useful.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Please note that due to global restrictions, some supply chains take place and some rowers may become difficult to access. And it is no surprise that the prices of many STILL models are available from stock. I hope it doesn’t take forever, so you’re all safe now.

Short term ? To keep you from reading all my reviews within your chosen budget, here’s a little tip. If you have a budget of about $1,000, you can’t go wrong with one of the most popular home rowers of all time – the Concept2 Model D. For $945, you get a rower that lasts for years and years and years. …and then a few more years. He has wonderful qualities. Gyms, spas and rowing clubs all over the world love it, and you’ll love it too.

If your budget is smaller or you need to spend more money, you don’t have to wait until there’s a great selection of models. I can help you find the answers to all your questions and also make sure you get the best rowing machine that will help you get fit in your life.  There is a wide range of rowing machines to meet the enormous demand. You can spend from $100 to over $2,500, so you can imagine the difference in quality and reliability.

However, buying the most expensive model does not always guarantee that you will get the best rower. There’s no point in buying a top model if you’re only going to use it two or three times a week. It’s also a false economy to buy a cheap rowing machine if you want to row an hour a day! He’ll disappoint you sooner than you think.

For more information on how to make the right decision, please refer to our,Rowers Buyer’s Guide and also read our tips on buying a usedmodel.

If you have not been active for a long time or are recovering from an injury or illness, it is advisable to first consult your doctor and then get some exercise. For tips on activities that can help you get started, please visit www.healthfinder.gov.

Please note that we do not get paid to write reviews about our rowers, we do not sell rowers, we do not offer spare parts and we do not advertise a specific brand. We are only interested in finding good and reliable rowers and the best prices and offers on the internet. This site is affiliated with several retailers, including Amazon, and earns low sales commissions. The rowing simulator we are considering is not affected by this problem. Advertising revenue and all retailer commissions are used to buy or lease models for testing and to pay the expert’s time.

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Quick guide – Best Rower Award

To save you time, here’s a brief description of some of the best rowers we watched last year – ordered on a price scale.

At low stock levels due to high demand for Covid-19, some paddlers may have enjoyed
lower. No matter how hard we try to keep up with the times, prices change every day.

Less than 250

Solar energy SF-RW5515: Rating 5.0 stars

Sunny SF-RW5515 Rowing machine side viewSunny SF-RW5515 Rowing machine side viewSunny SF-RW5515

All-round budget machine, with a small number of functions for obtaining stimulation. But to its advantage, it’s a fairly solid car that should last longer in value than most cars. It’s a magnetic oarsman, so it’s quieter than an air oarsman, but the chair seems to crack after regular use. But despite the negative results, it can still increase your heart rate and help you get fit.

Please note that if you plan to use your rower more than 3 times a week, we recommend that you do not purchase the model in this price range.

The reality of physical fitness 1000: Note 5.0/10 5.0 Stars

Fitness Reality 1000 Rowing from the side Fitness Reality 1000

Quiet magnetic rowing machine with 14 resistance levels. The long bar makes it possible to use it for high-level users. But what sets it apart from other models in this price range is the Blue Tooth function. It is a little limited, but we are sure that as it grows in popularity, others will be added.

Please note that the price of this model changes regularly. Please check before purchase. We saw it on a list from $248 to $290.

It’s worth mentioning other rowers for $250 >>.

Brand/model Type Characteristics Our valuation (%)

Up to $500

Schwinn Krümaster: Rating 7.5/10 7.5 stars

Kettler rowing simulator R220 Schwinn Crewmaster

It is difficult to find a car with an average budget. It’s not really a cheap car, so expectations are higher, but it’s not in a price range where you can get much more. But Schwinn did a pretty good job with the team. Heart rate’s on, which is a big advantage in this area. It also has a good screen and is quite easy to use.

Yes, it has several drawbacks – it is not easy to fold and it has no pre-installed programs, but at a price we think it is worth seeing.

Click on the button below the picture to read my review.

Tip of the solar housing: Rating 7.5/10 7.5 stars

Rowing of Suuna Obsidian Water Rowing of Sun Obsidian Water Rowing of Sun Obsidian Water Rowing of Sun Obsidian Water Rowing of Sun Obsidian Water Rowing of Sun Obsidian Water Rowing of Sun Obsidian Water Rowing of Sun Obsidian 500

One of the biggest surprises for us in 2018 was this waterroeimachine from Sunny Health an Fitness. He looks good, feels like rowing costs twice as much and is impulse compatible.

It has a solid and solid base and can endure a lot, and thanks to its long beam it is suitable for the most demanding users.

And anyone who comes in for less than $500 is worth a look. To read our full overview, click on the Preview button on the right.

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Other $500 models are worth considering >>.

Brand/model Type Characteristics Our valuation (%)

less than 1 000

Solar Ghost Hydro: Note 8.0/10 9.5 Stars

Phantom Rowing Solar hydroelectric machine Phantom Rowing Solar hydroelectric machine

Since 2018 a middle class water rudder simulator explodes. Over the past two years we’ve tried six, and although they all have something to offer, one stands out from the rest.

The beautiful Sunny Phantom Hydro with the beautiful name Sunny Phantom Hydro is a strong monster, but always calm and gentle. It comes with great features, including 11 pre-installed programs such as Race, Targeted Training and Recovery. The corner water tank offers 7 levels of resistance – but keep in mind that it is installed manually, i.e. you add or remove water.

For the price you get a quality saffron that will serve you for years.

Concept2 Model D: Note 9.5/10 9.5 Stars

Concept2 Rowing simulator Model D Concept2 Model D

Absolutely no competition. Concept2’s Model D is what the elite rowers prefer to any other machine. Rowing clubs all over the world use this equipment for training and indoor testing – because despite all the penalties for constant use, it will last for many years!

It has been around since 2003, so it seems a bit outdated compared to newcomers, but it still receives new features such as online features and updated monitors.

For this price, it’s still stealing. It is also very popular in gyms and health clubs because it accepts anything you can throw at it with a minimum of service.

Other rudder simulators for $1000 are worth a look >>>.

Brand/model Type Characteristics Our valuation (%)

More than $1,000

Air raid Elite: Note 9.0/10 9.0 Stars

Assault AirRower Elite - View from an angle Assault AirRower Elite – Beast!

If you are looking for an oarsman who will last for years and take everything you can throw at him day in and day out, look no further than this beauty. It’s built like a tank, and it runs like a tank! This commercial car radiates quality, you feel good when you’re rowing, and the thought invested in the design is clearly visible from the moment you’re sitting in it.

This is an air rudder, suitable for beginners to elite rowers. Thanks to its two-stage drive mechanism, it offers unlimited resistance – the stronger and more powerful it is, the more it challenges you.

AirRower Elite has exceptional features that help you ask for more – we doubt you’ll ever get past this monster. These are slightly more than the tried and tested machines of Concept2, but at a price that guarantees years of service.

Hydrogen generator S1: Note 9.0/10 9.0 Stars

WaterRower S1 Ultra Smooth Rowing Machine WaterRower S1

Okay, we’re talking over $1,000, it’s way over $2,500, but if you look at it that way, you can see why some people want to pay that price.

Divers are known for their beautiful wooden cars, but the S1 stands out from the crowd at some distance. The smooth lines of the stainless steel brush are something to see, and the good news is that it works and feels the way it looks – smooth and quiet while radiating quality. And if that’s not enough, the console is PC-compatible, so you can follow your progress. And let’s face it, if you paid that much for the oar, you’d use it every day.

Others, worth over $1,000, are worth searching >>>.

Brand/model Type Characteristics Our valuation (%)

How we write our comments about rowers

Our reviews are written by people who have been sitting on a car for at least a week or who have owned a car for more than a month. We evaluate each car according to the following criteria. Recently, we have updated the quick reference graphs on each overview page.

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We evaluate the quality of the assembly, the characteristics of the rowing machine and the price-performance ratio and then give them a total score of one hundred.

To find out more about the models we have tested so far, you can read all the test reports of our rowers, or use our comparison table to view the price poems. We regularly check prices so that we can recommend the best offers on the market. Our goal is to help you get the best model for the price you can afford.

We also offer training tips to get the most out of your rower. For example, one of the best ways to achieve excellent training results is to set up controlled heart rate exercise programs. We recommend this large exercise program with more than 20 training units.

Choosing the model that best fits your needs and budget can be crucial for your health and well-being. We hope we can help you with this site.

About me
Hi, my name is Roy Palmer and I love rowing. I coordinate this website and test rowers at home. I use a number of rowers around the world to tell me what they think of their simulators. I am also a track and field trainer and trainer with more than 30 years of experience in competitive sports and training.

If you don’t see the oar, let me know.

TESTIMONIES:Updates… including the latest comments on the

Rowing simulator We finally got our hands on it (and cigarette butts), but it was worth the wait – here’s the AirRower Elite attack (a little creature!)
Looking for a commercial rowing simulator at home prices? Watch the LifeSpan RW7000 – great value.
Another water sprinkler in the middle price segment is on the market – see our report on the Sunny Phantom Hydro
Hot in Hydro Heels (above), the Xterra 650W is coming out – it’s worth taking a look.
The compact Stamina DT was once very impressive.
If you would like to see the D or E2 concept, please read our manual here.
Problems with the heart rate monitor? Very useful advice…
I found this fascinating site about the history of rowing.
Visit Wikipedia to learn more about history and information about rowers.

Thanks for your help, your website was great. Chris Cannon alias Thechugdude – we don’t ask for the name :0).

My best wishes to you, Roy, and thank you again for taking the time to give your opinion of your rower. You’ve helped me a lot. Skip Davis, San Diego.

We hope that our unbiased and honest feedback will help you make a difficult, much easier decision :0)



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