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The Stamina Air Rowers are affordable, high-quality rowers that are perfect for users of all levels. Since their foundation in 1987, they have focused on developing high quality but affordable fitness products. At Rowing Crazy we know that when you buy an indoor rowing machine, you want the best possible quality without having to rob a bank. After an analysis of the indoor rowing market, we have identified two rowers that fit this description quite well.

#1: PBX Stability Circle

Air pressure assessment and evaluation

Check the price

Stamina Rowing uses the wind resistance of the flywheel to ensure smooth and efficient rowing movements. Most rowers that use air as a resistance regime tend to offer significantly less resistance, which is not attractive for experienced rowers. Durability rowing, however, is designed to offer high resistance, making it suitable for both experienced and inexperienced rowers. This rowing machine is equipped with a multifunctional performance monitor that gives you detailed feedback on your rowing training. The monitor shows the time, rowing speed, distance covered and calories burned. So you can track your performance and know exactly when you are making the progress you want. If you have reached the maximum during your workout, this can be a warning signal to move to the next resistance level to make the exercise more challenging.

Seat design and comfort

padded chair

This pneumatic oar also has a padded seat, designed to glide easily over rails. It makes you feel good and promotes energetic training. The last thing you need in the learning process is discomfort. This could be an important turning point. But with this course you will feel motivated to continue training and practicing without the possibility of fatigue. The chair is also tilted so that it can easily be replaced without having to hold it in the correct position. The large foot plates are designed for all sizes of feet. That means your whole family can use the car. Every user, regardless of the size of his feet, will adapt well to the footprint. The angled seat guide is wider to ensure a smooth glide. The small railings to sit on will be uncomfortable, and the railings to sit on the Air Rower are a guarantee against that, and that’s another reason why we love this car!

enables easy storage

Collapsible size and integrated castors for easy storage

The comfort of your feet on large feet is complemented by adjustable nylon foot straps that keep your feet firmly in place. No involuntary gliding, which can make your training less interesting. The machine is folded vertically for easy storage. If you have a smaller home or limited space in your classroom, you will love the snap frame. This makes storage easier, especially for people with limited space. Thanks to the integrated wheels this car is very mobile. After the training you can easily move it from room to room or from the pantry. There are also floor protectors that prevent slipping and protect the floor from wear and tear.

Robust construction with 3 years warranty

Characteristics of the air machine

The rowing machine consists of a solid steel construction, which has been built up to the end.  You don’t want the frame to collapse shortly after purchase. Thanks to this robust construction, you can train in peace and quiet without fear of breakage. And in the end it saves money in the long run, because it doesn’t need to be maintained. This robust construction comes with a 3 year frame warranty and an additional 90 day warranty onparts. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong in this window, you can be sure that it will be sorted for free. This rowing machine has structured grips. This means your hands are more comfortable when rowing with stable handles. Do not slide from one side to the other while rowing. They are also designed to lie comfortably in your hands so your palms don’t hurt while rowing. Palm pain can be a big failure. You need some time to recover before you can go back to school.

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Cell measurement

mechanical measurements ATS 1403

Once assembled, the oar is 77 inches long, 18 inches wide and 22 inches high. It’s big enough for those who want to train without leaving their home. Despite its durability, the car is light enough to make ends meet with a minimum of effort. When folded, it has a reduced length of 48 inches, maintains the same width of 18 inches and increases in height to 28 inches. This means that it takes up less horizontal space and needs a little more vertical space. Rowing comes with a user manual that helps you understand everything you need to know about rowing on the simulator. Thanks to this manual you don’t need a wizard to help you with the configuration. Everything is simplified with step-by-step instructions that guide you through the process.

Durability rowing machine for whole body training

It’s an air rudder, which means you can row without any problems. Some people find the sound a little too loud for them, but this depends on individual preferences and characteristics. If you want to watch TV while rowing, you can use this unit to increase the volume slightly, or better still, use the TV after rowing (shrug your shoulders). Note that most rowers who use air to resist often cost a good thousand dollars. The rowing machine of 1399 is therefore more of a blessing for anyone who prefers to obtain great value without pulling so much dough. It comes at a fraction of the price of his high-ranking cousins applying the same resistance regime. The Air Rower 1399 is also equipped with a comfortable and soft seat that is not easy to carry. Your comfort during rowing is very important. Few people will have the drive and motivation to row when the chair is either uncomfortable or badly placed. Moreover, this machine offers the same total body training you get when you follow the upper rowers. Just go to a local health club and try to row commercially. Then go home and train on the simulator. Compare. Maybe you have a pleasant surprise.

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Best rower in this price range

For the , the best rower in this price range, Endurance stands head and shoulders above most other rowers. Not just because of the construction, which was built a long time ago – we’ve already sung this song. There’s something else to look forward to. The structured handles that keep your hands stable and comfortable while rowing are just one of the extra benefits. There are also integrated castors that allow for easy transportation from room to room in your home or simply from the training room to the machine storage. In addition, a folding frame means that the bearing is the wind. The rowing machine can be folded vertically so that it fits like a cupboard. This oar is suitable for the whole family and can make an important contribution to the health of your home, thanks to the huge insoles and carefully selected nylon leg loops for all leg sizes. They are robust and provide long-term cost savings.

You will enjoy the extra floor protection

The floor protectors offered with this oar will protect your training area from wear and tear and allow you to carry out expensive repairs. It also prevents skidding, so you can enjoy your workout without stress. There is another characteristic that we are particularly pleased with. It’s nothing but a corner strap. It’s designed to make it easier to put the seat back in place, so you can’t wobble out of it. This function is especially important for beginners in rowing – it usually takes some getting used to a smooth back and forth motion.

Missing in this car can be extremely challenging. If you have ever rowed in your local gym with Concept2, you may have noticed that there is a handle that allows you to check the resistance level of your oar. Endurance doesn’t have that kind of grip. Instead, the fan blades are in the flywheel, which rotates when you pull the handle and create wind. Pull faster and the wind will be stronger. A stronger wind means more resistance, and the stronger the resistance, the more you row. Because there is no handle to control the resistance level, the resistance level is simply determined by how hard you row – and that can be fun. Everything regarding the degree of resistance of this rowing machine happens almost automatically. So here’s the secret: On a day when you don’t want to put too much strain on your muscles, just avoid rowing too hard – the resistance in itself will be minimal.

Last reflections on peak

Air mower 1403 Load capacity

When buying an indoor rowing machine you only want to get the best possible quality without breaking the bank. And when mapping the indoor rowing market, we identified this rowing machine as a rowing machine that fits that description quite well. It is built to last, with a solid construction that you will need for many years without even the slightest cost reduction. And since it’s backed by a 3-year warranty and a 90-day warranty onparts, you can be sure you’ll get good quality for your money. However, in addition to the robust frame, Air Rower is at the bottom of the price range. For only $399.00 at Amazon, combined with free shipping, this rowing machine is truly unique.


Air permeability indexes


  • Comfort and control

ATS Aerial Tractor ATS Endurance 1399

ATS Aerial Tractor ATS Endurance 1399

  • AN EFFECTIVE CARDIOVASCULAR WORKOUT: The absence of the ATS Endurance ATS 1399 Air Wheel helps to burn calories, increase overall body strength and improve heart health.
  • THE DYNAMIC DRAG : One of the main advantages of air resistance is that it always matches your speed. Drive harder if you want more resistance and lighter if you want less.
  • TRAINING INSTRUCTOR SD : During your routine, speed, distance, time and calories burned are displayed on a large, easy-to-read LCD screen.
  • IMPROVED FUNCTIONS : The padded seat, adjustable feet and padded rowing handle help you relax during your workout. Integrated wheels and a foldable frame make storage child’s play.
  • SIMPLE: After mounting, the oar measures 77 inch long x 18 inch high x 22 inch high. The frame is guaranteed for three years and the parts are guaranteed for 90 days.
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#2: Durability X Air jet

Air Scoop Stamina X

Check the price

As the name suggests, the Stamina X Air Rowing uses air as a means of resistance. When you pull the lever, the fan blades rotate in the flywheel and create a strong wind. It is this wind, generated by the steering wheel blades, that creates the resistance you feel when rowing.

The X Air Rower has no handle to check the resistance level. The resistance is automatically adjusted to the intensity of the rudder. The more you row, the more resistance you have, and the easier you row, the less resistance you create. That’s how the resistance works with this rower. If the handle is pulled harder, a stronger wind is created, creating more resistance. But you can choose slower traction and create less resistance by generating less wind thanks to the lighter traction. Simply put: The machine allows you to vary the intensity of your workout, depending on how light or how hard you row. So you can work at your own pace without exaggerating.

The air resistance ensures correct operation

This air resistance also means that rowing ensures a smooth rowing movement. Usually air and water are used to create soft resistance and an experience that comes as close as possible to the natural process of rowing a boat. Once assembled, the oar is 77 inches long, 18 inches wide and 22 inches high. When folded, the new dimensions are 48 inches long, 18 inches wide and 28 inches high. This means that you can save space and that it can fit in the cupboard if you want to store it there. He weighs 54 pounds, a low weight for sports equipment. This aspect attracts a lot of people because nobody wants to fight too hard. You’ll always want to move your car, and the lighter the better; it doesn’t need that much energy.

Construction wheels for freedom of movement

This car has built-in transport wheels. They are designed to be easier to transport. When you have finished training, you can easily move your car to where you want to store it with these wheels. X-Roh fold. This function further increases memory usage. When you’re ready to train, turn around and keep going. Folding and unfolding the machine is simple and takes only a few seconds. It’s a matter of removing the pins and bending the material; it’s easy.

Reliable construction for long life

This rowing machine has the same solid construction as the pneumatic strut. Many said there was no difference between them, some even bought them for the same prices. Again, it is based on their assessment. What we do know is that the Stamina X rower, just like the Air Rower, has the same durability as other Stamina rowers. The frame is stable and designed to last a lifetime. There is a 3 year warranty where the supplier will repair or replace the defective frame. For the record, it should be noted that cases of this type with X-ruders are always very rare because they are essentially of high quality and built to last. There is also a 90 day warranty onparts. During this period you can replace or repair all defective parts free of charge.

Comfortable soft seat for extra support

X Air cushion seat

The X- wheelchair is smooth, soft and padded for less stressful use and a more comfortable feeling. These features are designed to provide ergonomic floor and back support so your joints and spine are never overloaded. It also has large mounting brackets suitable for almost all users. People with legs of different sizes stand firmly on their feet and enjoy the workout without slipping off their feet. The handles are structured to provide the best possible grip for everyone. I’m sure you’ll enjoy using them.

Manufacturer’s money back guarantee

The equipment manufacturer has a money back guarantee that provides a full refund if you are not satisfied with your Air Rower purchase due to damage or complaints. Your home rowing machine will arrive in this position with all parts without defects or transport damage. It also provides for the replacement of parts that may be damaged during transport. If necessary, you can also purchase completely new devices – even at no extra cost. The delivery and installation of the X-Rower is carried out at home at an additional cost. If you do not wish to use the manual provided, you can give permission and pay a surcharge. Otherwise the machine is very easy to install and no additional installation costs are required. The supplier will deliver the car to your door free of charge.

Rowing machine endurance X Intensive training

Training instructor

Although these high-end aircraft are truly best-in-class, they cannot beat the X Air Rower when it comes to durability. This guarantees very extensive training. The next day you feel the desired pain in your joints – proof of what you’re typing. Expect this feeling to be more intense in the first days of rowing, just as it would be during regular endurance training at the gym or strength training. The Rowing Monitor helps you keep track of your progress and displays data on the screen for real-time feedback. Depending on your fitness goals, this motivation can include being able to keep track of the number of calories you burn, the distance you row, or the time you spend rowing every day or during each session. You can count on this great monitoring device to keep a weekly or even monthly calorie count based on how much you burn. This keeps you motivated and gives you the goal to focus on regular training. It is in your nature to want to improve, and such feedback can help you achieve this goal. This device is comfortable and encourages you to adjust your current training program accordingly.

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Excellent for transport

The integrated wheels are ideal for transporting the machine for storage and for releasing the machine after training. The foldable frame of this oar is easy to store, so it is portable and compact. Note that the size of the machine shrinks after bending, making the X Air Rower ideal for people with small houses or small rooms in practice houses. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your floor or the possibility of accidents during training; this rower has floor protectors to prevent the equipment from slipping and to protect the floor from damage and scratches. With a retail price of just $299 compared to $343.85 at Amazon, the Rowing X Air is one of the best and most powerful indoor units you can get in this price range. In short, it saves you money while offering the same value as some of the most expensive high-end rowing machines on the fitness market.

Specially designed for novice rowers

The softly padded seat, which glides smoothly over a wide and stable rail, is an important addition to the quality of this machine. The chair is comfortable to make your workout pleasant and comfortable. It tends to make it easier, especially for beginners, to move back and forth at each fountain. This comfort is further enhanced by the running surfaces of the rotating Stamina X model, so you won’t feel any tension in your ankles as you perform your movements. Thanks to the adjustable leg straps, everyone, regardless of height, can keep their legs firmly in place and enjoy a good workout. The device records information about your workout in terms of distance, time, calories burned, and rowing speed, and you can easily press B to restart the device. You may not realize why the reset function is important. Here’s the problem: If you want to record a weekly mileage or a periodic calorie count, you know that this feature is a bonus.

Last thoughts on endurance X

The most amazing thing about this car is its durability. This is our recommended rower for experienced people. When you have been training for a while, you are the reason why more resistance is most desirable for a rower. Remember that rowing is an exercise with a small kick, and the more resistance you have, the higher your results will be. We all want to grow in our training, and few rowing machines have the advantage of good resistance. Speaking of experienced rowers, you could use Concept 2 rowing in the gym. It’s commercial and a bit expensive, like an indoor rower. However, we have found a reason why you might want to think more seriously about Endurance X than about these high-end instruments. Concept 2 rowing uses magnetic energy for resistance. And as with magnetic resistance, if you pull too hard on the handle, you can easily lose resistance, while the machine regains strength to restore the resistance. While this kind of resistance limits the tractive force, the rower does exactly the opposite: The more you shoot, the more resistance you have. And most people like that on X-Row.


Durability X Air stirring unit


  • Comfort and control

Durability | X Air rudder

Durability | X Air rudder

  • Sturdy steering chain; air resistance
  • steel construction; cast seat; soft rudder handle; rotating footplates
  • Foldable and integrated castors for easy storage. Requires some assembly.

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