Concept2 Model E Review: is it worth the price?

Update 16. April 2020: Due to the unprecedented demand, the Concept2 Model E is virtually impossible to obtain – unless you are willing to pay too much.

Good alternatives are an AirRower attack (available, but $250 more), a tight RW7000 (available, $80 less).

Concept2 is the first choice of many serious rowers and rowing clubs for indoor or off-season training. It has been the reference that other manufacturers have had to follow for many years.

Model E costs about 200 dollars more than model D, but what else do you get and is it worth it? Well, yes and no. With a welded steel frame it is considerably stronger, making it suitable for a larger rowing machine. The seat is six inches higher, so it will be easier for a taller person to sit and pull – but one day there will be a small difference. The nickel-plated chain on the E model makes it more resistant to corrosion and therefore requires less maintenance – but it will in any case take a long time and be of little importance.

So if you’re on the right side, if you’re tall or if you give your rower a serious beating, then Model E might be for you, otherwise Model D will give you almost as much – for less money.

If you’re not sure which model is right for you, read our Quick Start Guide for D and Emodels.

The monitor that comes standard with the Concept2 E is the PM5 The LCD screen is functional, out of the box, and displays everything you need to know about your workout, including beats per minute, driving distance, calories, training duration, etc. The LCD screen is functional, out of the box, and displays everything you need to know about your workout, including beats per minute, driving distance, calories, training duration, etc. The LCD screen is functional, out of the box, and displays everything you need to know about your workout, including beats per minute, driving distance, calories, training duration, etc. You can choose the display format depending on the type of workout you are doing. PM5 contains three games that will help you introduce a bit of competition into your training – they’re not for everyone, so you can take them or leave them. A popular program is a racing boat.

With this option you can compete against another rower (displayed on the screen) and either set the pace or compete against one of your previous sessions – there’s nothing like losing against your past to motivate yourself!

The PM5 is compatible with the Garmin wireless heart rate monitor and comes with a chest belt. This means that you can train in the optimal heart rate zone for maximum benefit. It can also be used with Polar heart monitors, but an additional receiver must be purchased first.

You should also consider the Slide accessory, which gives you the feeling of rowing on water. Put the car on a slide and slide backwards as if you were standing on the water – careful!

The Concept2 E is a robust model that will last for many years with minimal maintenance. The device is excellent to use, comfortable and especially good if you are long or well built. Ask any serious rower and they will tell you that the Concept2 is very similar to the feeling of rowing on water. It’s not necessarily vital if you just want to get in shape, but if you see rowing as a sport, it can be a decisive factor.

UPDATE: The new PM5 power monitor for everyone who sings and dances is now available. The PM5 is equipped with even more user-friendly features, including a USB port for downloading data to your PC. And now you can compete online with other Concept2 ingrowers using the software.

Concept2 Model E: Rating 9.0 stars


Feedback on similar rowers We love…

  • Very gentle action.
  • Soft seat and height.
  • The strength and reliability – it will last for many years!
  • The shape of the pen is easy for your hands.
  • The console displays more information than you’ll ever need.
  • Rudder up.
  • Your performance can be stored on your PC – plus online options.
Photo We don’t like…

  • The flywheel makes noise in an enclosed space.
  • And that’s it – there’s nothing else to love :0).
Technical description of the steering equipment Technical specification :

Type of resistance :
Maximum customer specific weight :
Dimensions :
The weight of the car:
A place to camp:
Air handwheel
500 lbs
95 x 24 x 30
65 lbs
27 x 47 x 54.5 (per hour)
Photo Warranty:
5 years on the frame.
2 years on moving parts and console.

Side view of the Concept2 rowing simulator Model E in silver colour

Concept2 Model E Grelka


Localization concept2

A place where people can help each other

Concept2 PM5 Performance Monitor

Brand new PM5 monitor

Concept2 Model E is folded and stored vertically

Foldable, but its size does take up space.

Concept2 (E) Owner feedback

I’ve tried the two Concept2 models and I chose model (E) because I’m tall and I like the higher seat. I had had a cheaper car for almost 18 months and decided I wanted to row more, and my old rower couldn’t take it. She is a strong mother of the machine and supports my weight with ease. Giuseppe (had the E model for almost a year)

Brilliant! Brilliant! And I told you it was great! Kelly (one satisfied user – 1 year)

As an oarsman I used the model E in my club for years and decided to buy it for my house. I don’t care what they say about other quality cars, this one looks real and I wouldn’t think of buying anything else. Tim J. (user for many years)

Why else would you buy something? My gym has been using Concept2 since I can remember. So when I decided to buy it for the house, the choice made no sense. He’s had seven months, and even with daily use he’s still as good as he is now. Viv P.


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