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Endurance 35-1405 ATS is perhaps the most mysterious model name for a rowing machine :0). We couldn’t figure out where the numbers came from. But whatever the name is, why not a rower? We’ve tried a few endurance rowers, and some of them have good value for money, but we’re not very impressed. It has a number of good qualities, but these are overshadowed by negative aspects.

Let’s start by eliminating the big chain. Complete signs of endurance to use the chain (attached to the handle). Many people at home use a strip of fabric, which often wears out too quickly. But good intentions are thwarted by bad fixation, which means that the chain is used to being stuck in training for about 15 minutes. The model we tested was more than a year old and the owner reported that it was only put into use a month later.

Perseverance may have already corrected this error, but we can only report what we have found, which can be very disappointing when you are stuck in training.

Let’s go into rowing position. Actually, it’s a pretty practical car. The moulded seat holds up well and the curved guide does its job well – you practically slide back as soon as you reach the end of your stroke and return to the recovery room. Adjustable leg plates should fit except for the largest leg. The nylon straps were enough to secure our legs – some models have an unfortunate tendency to get loose – no problem for this model.

This is an air rudder – a note in the title :0). Your muscles work against the resistance of a large rotating fan. Here you can read about the different types of rowing machines and their advantages/benefits. Air rudders are generally louder than other types, and this type is not disappointed that even with an air rudder it is noisy. But it’s not really a problem unless you live in an apartment where you can irritate the neighbours.

When living space is limited, this model folds compactly and can be easily moved away from you when not in use.

Console/monitor A positive feature is the easy operation and display of classic training data such as time, distance and stroke frequency. You can display a single shot and use the scan mode to display each shot at an interval of about 6 seconds. But it’s a small screen, and some people may have trouble reading it if you’re rowing fast. It also looks cheap, even in a car under $400.

Update:(December 2013) There are more users complaining about a pinch problem. We have raised this issue with Stamin’s company and they say that the newly designed apartments will be put into use soon – although they haven’t said when.

You also see… What’s in the name? This is…

Rowing with Stamina ATS has good points. Rowing position quite comfortable, which is facilitated by the angled rail. It seems solid, even at high speed. But chaining a chain is a real headache, you know.

Stamin 35-1405 TTY: Rating 4.0 stars


Feedback on similar rowers We love…

  • Sounds good.
  • Fairly solid for a model with an average budget.
  • Easy to fold and store
  • Angled guide rail for a smooth return
Photo We don’t like…

  • Circuit caps (several users have reported this).
  • Sound (even for an inflatable rudder).
  • The footplates move at high driving speeds
  • Small screen
  • Short-term parts warranty – you may need them if the chain falls off.
Technical description of the steering equipment Technical specification :

Type of resistance :
Maximum customer specific weight :
Dimensions :
The weight of the car:
A place to camp:
Air resistance
250 lb
78 x 20 x 32
73 lb
46 x 18 x 28
Photo Warranty:
3 years on the frame.
3 months for spare parts.


Pneumatic rowing endurance 35-1405 ATS

ATS sustainability cell

Pneumatic seating ants Mackerel with oars

Quite a good place for a budget grower.

Display and console

It’s also worth seeing:
Check the updated version of this model for the same price – X Air Rower. Or Lifespan RW1000 – good price for just a few dollars more (also a good movie!).

It’s not a good car. The beginning seemed normal, but then the chain started to jam and did it a few more times. I finally switched places and now it’s going well. But even now, driving at high speeds is noisy and uncomfortable.  James R. (after 5 months of use)

I had so many different problems with this car that I decided to get rid of it and spend more money on the best model – the LifeCore R88. It was a real disappointment and not even worth the low price I paid for it. I know the users of the other endurance sprinklers, and they seem to be satisfied with them, but it’s a waste of money. Angie W. (deleted 6 months ago)

That’s exactly what I was looking for. It’s strong, folded and easy to clean when I’m not exercising. I’ve lost eight pounds in just two months and I’m very happy. Wendy H. (user for 3 months)


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